The Comprehensive Design Project involved designing a cookery school that had the capacity to grow fruit and vegetables and encourage the users to cook and grow foods at home. The site given is in-between the Pitcher and Piano (a restaurant/bar) and The Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery.


I designed the school on three levels with a private and public circulation – entrance for the public is on street level where they can move through the gardens on the top floors and then down into the ‘mixing pot’ where they can sample food that is cooked in the school by the pupils who enter on the lower level.

We were required to keep a sketch book of our designs and work that contributed towards the project.

There are 6 arches set into a red brick wall which I have kept and in cooperated into my building – a conservatory space suspends over this arches, so they also act as a space divider. This is an attempt to combine the traditional of the church on the site with the modern contemporary on the other side of the building.

You can see in my designs that I have kept the liner format of the Nottingham Contemporary combined with green colour scheme.



Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, London

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