Key Worker Mural


I am creating a mural of key workers! The idea behind this project is to celebrate key workers in all areas: Nurses, Care Workers, Doctors, Delivery Drivers, Pharmacists, Refuge Workers, Teachers, Transport Drivers etc.

The tiles will be put together to create a large scale art piece, currently 1x 1m but can get bigger! I would like to display the final painting somewhere in the community (please get in touch if you know a good place or are a local organisation)

This project is not for profit and funds are split between the charities and art supplies. Any funds not spent on art supplies will go towards the charities.



Hi! I'm Lissie, I am an artist and designer. My work involves creating fine-art for weddings and events. During the COVID19 crisis I found myself out of my usual work. I signed up to be an emergency response care worker in Nottingham to do my bit during the tough times. I was inspired to paint my colleagues and all other workers as a tribute to their hard work and dedication. I want to try and paint as many portraits as possible to create a large scale mural and raise some money for charities

Key workers are welcome to submit a photo to be part of the mural. Each person will take a 20 x 20 cm tile. To make sure I am able to use your photo please:

  • Take the photo head-on (image you are taking a passport photo) in your uniform and/or PPE.

  • Include your name and profession in your message, so I can write it on the back of your tile. 

  • By sending me a photo you agree to be part of a public art piece. I will own to rights to the artwork.

50% of funds raise will go towards Age UK and NHS Charities Together. The other 50% will go towards painting materials so that I can keep the project going and paint as many key workers as possible! Each tile takes £4 in materials to produce.

Tiles Painted 


25 out of 50

Funds Raised

£530 out of £500



Once completed I will be able to sell prints! For each print I will make a 50% donation to COVID19 support charity.


Charities I have chosen are: Age UK (to support the elderly hit by the crisis), NHS Charities (For our NHS Workers) 

Key Worker Tile 1.jpg
Key Worker Tile 2.jpg
Key Worker Tile 11.jpg
Key Worker Tile 3.jpg
Key Worker Tile 6.jpg
Key Worker Tile 7.jpg
Key Worker Tile 4.jpg
Key Worker Tile 14.jpg
Key Worker Tile 15.jpg
Key Worker Tile 8.jpg
Key Worker Tile 10.jpg
Key Worker Tile 9.jpg
Key Worker Tile 17.jpg
Key Worker Tile 19.jpg
Key Worker Tile 12.jpg
Key Worker Tile 21.jpg
Key Worker Tile 23.jpg
Key Worker Tile 25.jpg
Key Worker Tile 18.jpg
Key Worker Tile 16.jpg
Key Worker Tile 13.jpg
Key Worker Tile 23.jpg
Key Worker Tile 22.jpg
Key Worker Tile 24.jpg



Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, London

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