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Bespoke Commissions

 Studio Commissions include beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of special venues and spaces or acrylic canvas paintings of moments and family portraits. As a bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece, art commissions make incredible gifts that friends and family members would treasure.
Canvas Painting

Canvas Paintings


Small - Medium 

30 x 40cm  -   £400

35 x 45cm  -   £500

40 x 40cm  -   £600


40 x 50 cm   -  £700

45 x 60 cm   -  £950

50 x 60 cm   -  £1,200

60 x 60 cm   -  £1,500


60 x 76cm    -  £1,800

100 x 50cm  -  £3,000

100 x 70cm  -  £3,500


Watercolour Illustration

Individual Illustrations

A5 Illustration – £100

A4 Illustration - £200

A3 Illustration - £500

A2 Illustration - £1000

Studio Services

Canvas Paintings

Family Portrait

Family Portraits make enchanting keepsakes for the home. They can be created from seperate images, meaning that I can put you all together in one image as though you are sitting together as one. I can even include family members that are no longer with us.  For this I will require many different images of each individual that I will manipulate in editing software, sketch out and then paint onto canvas. Due to the lengthy process I would recommend getting in touch at least one month before the piece is required. 

New Website Photos 1.jpg
Wedding or Event Scene

For those that have missed out on the Live Painting service I offer to paint weddings and events from photographs onto canvas. Much like family portraits these art commissions can include additional family members into the painting by combining digital references. 

Paintings make exceptionally special gifts for an anniversary. You are able to book availability for a specific date with a 10% deposit.

Portraits & People

Created on canvas with acrylic paintings, portraits make wonderful keepsakes of family members, especially younger children.


 These portraits are from my COVID19 Key Worker Mural 

New Website Photos 4.jpg

Studio Services

Watercolour Paintings

Wedding Venue or Home

A unique and personal gift for those attending a wedding. Venue illustrations of a special day will be treasured by those received them. These drawings come gift wrapped with a certificate of authenticity (this will be a one-of-a-kind piece!) and can be created in just a few days. Commissions are subject to availability, so it is recommended to get in touch as soon as possible to order. There's always the possibility of last-minute rush orders, just send over a email. 


A3 Wedding Venue Commission2.jpg
Floral & Figure Illustration Image
Floral Illustrations

These mixed media illustrations layer watercolour paints with paper to form a textured collage of a floral bouquet. This would be a lovely way to capture the florals from your wedding day in a lasting way, something to treasure for years to come.
These painting commissions can be arranged as gifts for your bridal party, or as a gift card for those attending the wedding. You could even have these illustrations printed onto thank you cards for your guests. Get in touch to discuss.


Couple Illustrations

Whether it's an anniversary, engagement or other special occasion. Illustrations make a wonderfully thoughtful and personal gift for partner.

I create these illustrations from photographs and can use multiple photos to create a piece. Perhaps your missed a the photo opportunity at your engagement and want to recreate it in an illustration. Get in touch to discuss.


Floral & Figure Illustration Image

These are created using watercolour on paper with intricate detail of facial features. I can manipulate the image to include other features such as florals in the background.

These make wonderful keepsakes of family member, especially younger children.




Canvas Paintings


Watercolour Illustrations


Enquire / Make an Order

Size and Style

In your comments please let me know the details of your commission, including

- Size

- Style (Black & White or in Colour)

- The subject matter. This could be the name and address of the venue or location or if you would like a commission of a specific photo there is an option to upload this image at the bottom of this form. For multiple images please email

Terms and Conditions 

If you have made an order for an Illustration, after I have received your request I will email back confirming the details and will include an invoice. I aim to get back to you within 1 working day. 

You will be sent a confirmation and invoice to your email address. Please be aware that I do not start commissions until after payment has been made. 

For Illustrations : Orders will be sent by royal mail first class (signed for)  after 5 working days or 2 working day if a rush order has been confirmed. Please indicate in your comments any other requirements regarding postage. 

For Canvas Paintings: Delivery dates will be confirmed during the consultation and will vary for different sizes and compositions..

Prices includes delivery

Rush orders are subject to availability. 

You should allow 7 working days from when the payment has been made to receive your order

Once I have started a commission they cannot be cancelled or returned unless faulty. 

Choose File

Thank you for your order - I will be in touch shortly to confirm availability. 



Watercolour Illustration

I purchased this as a wedding present and it absolutely did not disappoint! Lissie’s attention to detail is incredible and the piece came out looking beautiful! I’m glad I was able to give them something that they will treasure forever!

- Martha Turner

Wedding Venue Illustration St Alkmunds Church


Acrylic canvas paintings are suitable for painting vibrant colourful scenes and portraits. I am happy to discuss any type of commission. I will need photographs or other digital reference to work from. 

Illustrations are completed on paper with watercolour paints and/or pen ink.


I am able to combine separate photographs into one composition. This could be the creation of a family portrait. Complex pieces are only suitable for canvas paintings. 


Canvas paintings are completed in acrylic paints. They are versatile, make for vibrant paintings and dry quickly. 


All original art-work is presented with a certificate of authenticity. 

Canvas’s are ready to hang – you can either use string or canvas mount fixings. They do not require framing, but you can frame them if you wish – I would recommend getting the piece framed by a professional who can create bespoke sizing and styles.

Illustrations are completed on cartridge paper, presented and packaged with cellophane and backed with card. 

Illustration Books come in a presentation box to keep safe on your book shelf.


For complex arrangements a draft sketch will be agreed before commencing the painting.  You should take reference from previous work for an indication of painting styles. 



Ideal images to use as reference are well-lit, sharp and in focus. I can usually work with any image although I will struggle to use blurred photographs or images with a filter on. Professional photography with lots of definition is helpful. 

The order process

Please enquire with or fill in the quote form on the website. Full payment is required for commissions and work cannot commence until payment is received and this is something you should consider in your timing for the commission.   An invoice will be sent by email along with an agreed completion date.  You are able to book a phone or Zoom consultation at to discuss more complex compositions. 


Illustrations can be turned around in as little as a few day, depending on availability. I would always recommend getting in touch as soon as possible to arrange a canvas painting. Please consider that we time needs to be taken for our initial discussion of composition, supplies needs to be ordered and then the painting itself can take anywhere between a week to a few weeks. Paintings can be pre-booked in advance with a 10% deposit to ensure availability. 

Illustrations - 1 week
Small Canvas - 2 weeks minimum + consultation time
Medium Canvas - 3 weeks minimum + consultation time
Large Canvas - 3 to 4 weeks minimum  + consultation time


Your fee includes signed for delivery within the UK and will come with a protective bag. All art pieces include a Certificate of Authenticity – this will be a one-of-a-kind original piece!






A5 Black and White - £30 - limit of 1-2 people

A5 Colour Painting - £40 -  limit of 1-2 people

A4 Black and White – £50 -  limit of 1-3 people

A4 Colour Painting - £60 -limit of 1-3 people

A3 Black and White - £80 - limit of 1-5 people

A3 Colour Painting - £100 -  limit of 1-5 people

Canvas Painting

Small - limited to 3 to 4 people max

20 x 20cm  -   £125 

20 x 30cm  -  £150

30 x 30cm  -  £200


Small - Medium - limited to 5 to 6 people max

30 x 40cm  -   £300

35 x 45cm  -   £400 

40 x 40cm  -   £450 


Medium - limited to 6-10 people max

 50 x 50cm  -  £550

40 x 60cm   -  £600 

60 x 60cm   -  £1000


Large - limited to 10 + people

60 x 85cm    -  £1400

100 x 50cm  -  £1600

100 x 70cm  -  £1800


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