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Fine-Art and Design
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Live Painting Services

Live Painting is a magical way to capture memories from your event. Whether it be a wedding, corporate function or other celebration, this unique style of entertainment will delight your guests; it will be the hot talking point as they watch the piece come to life. For each service either you or your guests will acquire a fine-art memento of the occasion to treasure for years to come.

Photography by @jessrigleyweddings
If you are looking for a truly unique concept for your wedding day or event then you could consider a live wedding painter to wow your guests. Your be-spoke piece of art will preserve memories in a truly beautiful way. As well as portraying a scene from your day, it will go on further to incorporate any other special pieces, themes, moments or people all in one composition, capturing the mood, feeling and themes

Prices for Live Canvas Painting start from £1200 for the standard size canvas and include travel 75 miles from my location in Nottingham.  

I charge additional travel and expenses above 75 miles. Additional expenses could be an overnight stay or an assistant for the day. 


The concept of Live Painting at events is to paint a scene on canvas as the event takes place, this could be a ceremony, first dance or other scene. 

Guests are welcome to watch the piece come together over the course of the day which creates a brilliant talking point and source of entertainment. 

from £1200


Guests can have their likeness painted live at your event!

Live painting is an excellent way to entertain and impress your guests. The best part is, they will get to take the piece home with them as a souvenir of the day. ​This type of service would suit a variety of events, such as birthdays, corporate events and wedding. 

I cannot guarantee numbers due to the nature of these events and recommend a ‘VIP’ list of paintings to complete. Below you can find estimates of the amount I can complete for each style. 

Fashion Illustration - A4 Size

Inc Faces - 5 Guests per hour

Fashion Illustration - A5 Size

 No faces - 6 Guests per hour

Sketch Portrait - A5 Size

Faces - 3-4 Guests per hour

4 Hours  - £800 **
6 hours - £1200 
8 Hours - £1500 

**Subject to availability (not usually available weekends and Bank holidays)

from £800

4 - RHS Shoot.jpg

I use a variety of materials including watercolour paintings, sketch style illustrations and acrylic paint to create a beautiful memento of your big day. Illustration sets can be completed live and after the event from photographs. 

Illustrations could include: Venue Illustration, Florals from the Bouquet, Figure Illustrations of the couple of their key guests, The Catering and Cake, Venue Scenes , Decorations , Venue Features 

from £1400


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