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Live Painting Services

Live Painting is a magical way to capture memories from your event. Whether it be a wedding, corporate function or other celebration, this unique style of entertainment will delight your guests; it will be the hot talking point as they watch the piece come to life. For each service either you or your guests will acquire a fine-art memento of the occasion to treasure for years to come.

If you are looking for a truly unique concept for your wedding day or event then you could consider a live wedding painter to wow your guests. Your bespoke piece of art will preserve memories in a truly beautiful way. As well as portraying a scene from your day, it will go on further to incorporate any other special pieces, themes, moments or people all in one composition, capturing the mood, feeling and themes.
Corperate Events

Delight guests and clients with a live fine-art demonstration.

Guest portraits are a brilliant way to leave a lasting impression.

Guests take home thier own portrait that includes a bespoke border with your company branding and logo.


Investment for Live Painting starts from £1800 and includes travel 50 miles from my studio in Nottingham.  

I charge additional travel and expenses above 50 miles. Additional expenses could be an overnight stay or an assistant for the day. 


I travel to a range of destinations in the UK, Europe and beyond. I am a regular visitor to popular wedding destinations such as: Lake Como, Italy; The Algarve, Portugal, Scotland and London. 
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Style 1
Live Painting on Canvas

The concept of Live Painting at events is to paint a scene on canvas as the event takes place, this could be a ceremony, first dance or other scene. 

Guests are welcome to watch the piece come together over the course of the day which creates a brilliant talking point and source of entertainment. 

Investment from £1800

Alternative artist available from £1200

Style 2
Guest / Fashion Portraits

Guests can have their likeness painted live at your event!

Live painting is an excellent way to entertain and impress your guests. The best part is, they will get to take the piece home with them as a souvenir of the day. ​


This type of service would suit a variety of events, such as birthdays, corporate events and weddings. 

Investment from £1500

Alternative artist available from £800

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Style 3
WaterColour Painting Sets

Using a variety of materials including watercolour paintings, sketch style illustrations and acrylic paint to create a beautiful memento of your big day. Illustration sets can be completed live and after the event from photographs. 

Illustrations could include: Venue Illustration, Florals from the Bouquet, Figure Illustrations of the couple of their key guests, The Catering and Cake, Venue Scenes , Decorations , Venue Features 

Investment from £2000

The Team

Meet our expanded team of skilled artists, now featuring two new talented additions who bring fresh perspectives and creativity to our canvas. Specializing in bespoke canvas paintings and fashion guest portraits, our team is ready to transform your events into artful experiences. We are delighted to announce that our services extend across the UK and Europe, ensuring that wherever your celebration takes place, our artists are ready to infuse it with a vibrant touch of personalized artistry. 

Check your date and recieve a quote
Enquiry Form
How does it work?

Live Painting  

I am a fine artist who paints a chosen scene live at your event – you can watch it being created 

as the event goes on. Guests are delighted to see a Live Painter at the event, making it an excellent form of entertainment.  


Types of Event  

The event could be a wedding, wedding reception, christening, birthday, religious celebration, 

corporate event or fundraising event. Wedding and corporate events tend to be the most popular.  Paintings will always be completed back in my studio so I can still paint at shorter events.  


The Magic of a Live Painter  

  • I will create a bespoke piece individually tailored to your tastes and requirements, it will be a painting unlike any other – one of a kind - that you can treasure for years to come. 

  • After putting so much thought and effort into the wedding day, this is another special way to capture those memories in time.  

  • As it stands, at the moment, live event painters are a unique concept for a wedding. There are only a handful of artists that are set-up to do it in the UK. Guests are delighted to see a Live Painter – the most common comment I receive from guests is how wonderful the idea is! 

  • Live painting can fit in with many wedding themes and looks adding to the overall design and feel of a venue set-up. The classic easel looks fantastic in older buildings making for great photographs of your venue and guests. The set-up adds another dynamic to the day, and is a great talking point.  

  • Live Painting is excellent entertainment for guests. I am usually there for the duration of the event providing entertainment from when the guests arrive to the end of the event. I situate myself in a location where people can see the progress and talk to me about the work throughout the event.  






For painting on canvas I use Acrylic paints. They are versatile, make for vibrant paintings and dry quickly.  

For illustrations I use watercolour paints. These are transparent, quick drying and are great for sketch style work. For this reason I do not usually include facial details on watercolour paintings. 



 Canvas’s are ready to hang – you can either use string or canvas mount fixings They do not require framing, but you can frame them if you wish – I would recommend getting the piece framed by a professional who can create bespoke sizing and styles. 


Finished Piece  


The piece will be individual and unlike any other but generally it will fit within the same style as my other paintings. It is your piece and if there is something special you want me to include or have any ideas then we will discuss them before-hand. I like to incorporate the theme of the day somehow – whether that be a colour scheme, flower arrangement or other theme. 


Choosing a scene 


This is the big question! It is completely up to you what scene you would like to choose. If it is a wedding day it may be you would like a scene of the moment you say ‘ I do’ or the first dance. 


You have a couple of things to think about when making this decision: 



  •  How long will there be people present in this scene? If it is the ceremony this may only be an hour, which is not enough time to paint! I will be able to carry on, but by using reference photographs. 

  • Who would you like included in the painting? If you would like to include figures of friend and family it might be that you will have to think about at which part of the day they will all be visible. I can only guarantee to include 6 figures (including the couple if it is a wedding event) and try for more if the composition allows. Figures will be painted in like-ness but won’t necessarily be photo-realistic. 

  • Which moment is the most Special and important to capture?  

  • Will I be able to have access to the space where this scene will happen a few hours before the event takes place?  


Making a Booking  


You can use the online enquiry form to get in touch or you can directly email me. Once I have your initial contact information I will send over a quote and pack of information. If you would like to go ahead we will arrange a phone consultation. 


Documents you will Receive

Online Enquiry Form  

Information Pack  

Terms and Conditions  

Booking Form  

Invoice and Receipt of Payment  


Getting Started  


The process starts with a phone consultation where I will go through a booking from with you, filling out as much information as possible. This form will include information such as ideal size, style , venue and dates.  I will then send you this to complete and sign, stating that all the details are correct and that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of service.  

A 20% deposit is due to hold your date, with the final amount being due 6 weeks before the event.  



The Venue  


To keep the costs down I do not visit the venue prior to the day. It is always helpful to get as much information as possible so I will contact the venue, seek out photos and layouts of venues, and discuss everything with you during our telephone/email consultation. 


Changes and Cancellations  


You are always welcome to contact me about changes / new thoughts for the composition of the piece but try to do this as soon as you can. For venue changes, size and set-up location changes I will do my best to accommodate - depending on the situation there could be additional charges. For cancellations or date changes please see the terms and conditions. Once the deposit is paid to hold a date it cannot be returned unless the date is filled by another client.  


My Process  


Ideally I would arrive early to get the best set-up and arrangement and begin creating the outline of the piece. The set up will be a traditional fine art painters set up : traditional wooden easel, glass water jug, paint pallet and canvas. I dress to fit the occasion with my artist apron to protect my clothes. 

When painting I use both real life and digital references. Using Digital images allows me to capture a particular person or group in an action and refer back to this in my painting – no one needs to keep still or pose while I paint. 




The standards fees include any travel within 50 miles of my studio in Nottingham. For travel outside of this area there may be additional expenses as distances 50 miles from my studio may require an overnight stay. I am happy to travel further a-field and will aim to keep my costs to a minimum. I asses this on a case-to-case basis, if I happen to already be in the area for another project I don’t need to incur additional charges, so it’s always best to get a quote after giving me your details. Please get in touch to discuss. 




The fee includes a day of service at your event and a day completion in the studio. I usually spend a maximum of 8 hours at an event. If you have a shorter event I will spend the remaining hours completing in my studio. 



Receiving the Finished Painting 


Your piece will be almost finished as the event draws to a close. It always depends on the day however, which is why I offer completion in the studio. If the piece is completed at the event you are welcome to take it with you! Alternatively, I will take it back to my studio and package it up to be sent to you. I will aim to complete the work within 3 weeks and ship to you by first class courier to your desired address. 


Venue Requirements and Set-up 


From the venue I will require a space 2m x 2m to set up my equipment, I arrive 1-3 hours prior to the event starting to set up, liaise with the event hosts regarding facilities. It would be useful to have a sink that I can use for clean-up and changing water for brushes. I may also need to plug in a lamp depending on the lighting. 


I can complete the piece outside if the weather is appropriate. It would be best when choosing a scene to paint to have a back-up option if the weather takes a turn. I take photos at various stages so that in the event of a circumstance that painting can no longer continue in the desired location I will still be able to complete the scene. 


Before booking with me you should try to ensure these arrangements can be met with your venue. I will also call them as a courtesy .


I bring the following equipment with me : Art materials, Easel, Floor protection, seating, a small table to hold my supplies, a small parasol (in-case of light rain or strong sun), lamp, extension cables. 



 I have been painting with acrylic on canvas for over ten years, and completing private commissions for five, developing my skill to an expert standard. A degree in Architecture has given me the professional technical skills to draw buildings, spaces and people.  In the past few years, I have had the pleasure of completing an artist residency at Erewash Museum,  published two illustrated books, and have my illustrations and prints in shops across the East Midlands.  My work has given me the opportunity to travel, with many public art projects in various locations including the Isle of Man and Edinburgh. 


As well as completing Live Paintings I work as an Interior Designer, designing and planning interior and exterior spaces for companies such as Rolls Royce.  


In 2018 I had the thought that I wanted to bring joy to others by using my painting skill, with Live Painting and Murals. Since then, I have completed Live Paintings in a variety of venues, including St Paul's Cathedral in London a Sikh Wedding in a Gurdwara, outdoor garden wedding reception and an Indian Wedding in Hyderbad, India. 

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