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Lissieart specialises in bespoke painting services for weddings and events, the most exciting of those being  Live Wedding Painting!


You are able to order individualised gifts for special occasions or arrange for your own unique live painting at a wedding or event. 

From Weddings, to Corporate Events Lissie has painted live at a range of venues including

St Paul's Cathedral, London. Lissie can travel to your destination across the UK and abroad. 

Bookings  for live painting are being taken 2020 with a few dates still available for 2019. To start your booking please enquire below or email

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All services can be offered as a gift package to take to wedding or event, or organise live for the event. With prices ranging from £40 to £800 there is a suitable gift package for every budget. Each is a bespoke piece of art that will make a special impact to those receiving it.

Enquire about live painting or venue illustration wedding gifts with


'Lissie’s attention to detail is incredible and the piece came out looking beautiful! I’m so glad I have something that I will treasure forever.'

Live Painting for Corporate Events
Fine Art Style on Canvas
A live-event painter is an excellent 
addition to a corporate event.  
The style of painting is a classic fine-art
and makes for an impressive entertainment
act for a formal occasion or celebration.
Live Painting at St Paul's Cathedral London, for Lubton Fine's Corperate Event
Live Painting for  Weddings
Fine Art Style on Canvas
A live-event painter captures your special day on canvas in a beautiful way. Whether it be a wedding, celebration, anniversary, birthday or ceremony a bespoke painting is a unique way to preserve your memories and to wow your guests!
Live Wedding Art - Stubton Hall, Nottingham
After the Event Painting
Fine-art Style on Canvas
A painting is a precious way to preserve and display memories of a special day or event, and would make a mesmerising gift for a loved one. A fine-art painting can be completed from a photograph or other digital reference and you can include aspects of several photographic references! This means you can look back on every aspect of the day in one composition: the flowers, people, food, colours, decorations. 
A venue illustration could be of a Wedding Venue, a first meeting place,  first home or any other place of significance. 
You will receive a detailed drawing  to gift to a loved one  or display in your home. You also have the option to receive the digital files so you can use the image for wedding stationery. These drawings make extremely thoughtful gifts, perfect for friends and families attending a wedding.
Venue Illustrations 
Sketch Style on Paper
Fine Art - Wedding Painting on Canvas 

It’s so unique! The most unique and special gift we received! I can imagine in 60 years time having it on my wall and people asking what that is and being able to tell them that’s where we got married is just so so special, I absolutely love it!

Unique Wedding Gift - Illustrated Wedding Venue

'When I create a painting of such a major event in someone’s life, such as a wedding, I am driven to make it wonderfully special. I craft the piece by blending various aspects of the day. I take all the details in account from large to small and try to include them in some way.







Wedding Venue & Home Drawings
from £40
Time Scale: 7 working days with option for express order (3 working days) 
Live Event / Wedding Painting
from £850 
Depending on : Location, size, 
Time Scale: One day live at the event + one day completion at the studio
After the Event Painting 
from £250
Depending on : size, 
Time Scale: 2-6 weeks depending on requirements and size 
If you are looking for a truly unique concept for your wedding day or event then you could consider a live wedding painter to wow your guests. Your be-spoke piece of art will preserve memories in a truly beautiful way. As well as portraying a scene from your day, it will go on further to incorporate any other special pieces, themes, moments or people all in one composition, capturing the mood, feeling and themes


As well as specialising in events and weddings, Lissieart takes on a range of Public and Private art commissions and projects. Lissie has been painting professionally for 6 years, completing art residencies and public sculpture trial projects as well as producing her on line of colouring books and illustrated gifts that are sold across the East Midlands. She has a degree in Architecture from the University of Nottingham and works across in a range of creative industries. 


I use a variety of materials including acrylic paints, watercolour, pen and ink.  Having studied a degree in Architecture my work is heavily influenced by  the built environment, heritage and local culture.


I create art and illustrations relating to local Heritage and Culture, including a range of gifts based on Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire – my colouring books are very popular!



Nottingham, Derby, Leicester

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