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Live Illustration

Using watercolour paints to create delicate paintings and illustrations of various aspects of the day at a range of sizes in A3, A4 and A5. This could include: Venue Illustration, Florals from the Bouquet, Figure Illustrations of the couple of their key guests, The Catering and Cake, Venue Scenes, Decorations, Venue Features. This option is perfect for those who prefer a looser style in watercolour paints. It's also great for those can't decide on one piece from the day or for couples who would like to gift one or two paintings to friends and family.

Illustration Set 5.jpg
Watercolour Package
Watercolour Painting - Set of 8

Mixed Set of 8 Watercolour Paintings - £2000

This Includes 1 x A3 Painting, 3 x A4 Painting and 3 x A5 Illustration

8-10 hours at the Event with completion in studio


Watercolour Add-on
Add additional paintings to any package

Guest Portraits - Fashion Illustration style portraits. 

A5 Guest Portrait - £80

 A4 Guest Portraits - £100


Paintings - More detailed illustrations of feature and scenes of the day. 


A5 Watercolour Painting - £100

A4 Watercolour Painting - £350

A3 Watercolour Painting - £800

Illustration Gallery


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