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Fine-Art and Design

for Weddings, Events & Occasions

Murals & Community

Murals can be created using a variety of materials including acrylic paints, watercolour, pen and ink.  

Lissie has been involved in many community projects, painting at a large scale. Her work is bright, bold and colourful and tells a story of place.  I am available to paint murals and large scale projects that would be suitable for  

With experience as an Interior Designer and with a degree in Architecture, Lissie is well experienced bringing spaces to life!
Children's Bedrooms
Community Centres
Hospital and Medical Centres
Charity and Community Projects
Museums and Galleries
Educational Spaces & Libraries
Each mural has specific requirements and is priced based on : time, size and scope, materials and complexity. Get in touch for a specific quote and to check availability
COVID19 Key Worker Mural

The idea behind this project is to celebrate key workers in all areas: Nurses, Care Workers, Doctors, Delivery Drivers, Pharmacists, Refuge Workers, Teachers, Transport Drivers etc.

The tiles will be put together to create a large scale art piece

Wallabies Gone Wild

I had the pleasure to travel to the Isle of Man to paint a Wallaby Sculpture at the nature park with other artists. The design, named 'Super Manx' featured Tartan as a cape with the islands landscape painted around the body of the Wallaby. 

Oor Wullie's Big Bucket Trail

In April 2019 I travelled to Edinburgh to complete two Oor Wullie Sculptures for the Big Bucket Trial across Scotland. One design called 'Bucket Full of Sunshine' featured sunflowers and thistle. The other, commissioned by the company who create Millions Sweets was a gumball machine with sweet and treats.